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Why you need us :)

  1. According to Home Advisor Most homeowners spent between $160 - $507 on  electrical repair, $380- $790 on Painting not including ceilings, trim or cost of the paint 
  2. According to Home Advisor: The cost to paint an average size room  just (10X12) ranges from $380-$790, not including ceilings, trim or cost of the paint  usually done in 4-6hrs.
  3. According to Angie's list Average cost for a Handyman 2014 reported paying an average of $83 per hour  



Try us first and decide later! 

With us you pay for time not for skill, saving you over 50% on all property repairs/maintenance.  

When you Sign up within the first 2 weeks of your service we will give you  2 months of FREE membership! OFFER is for a limited time only TRY US 2DAY! 

Just A Few More Examples :)

Crown Molding

According to Angie's List most professionals charge about $4 to $8 per linear foot for material and labor. Average cost to install crown molding on 500 linear feet usually ranges from about $2,000 to $4,000. With us Just pay for labor time plain and simple from $29.99/hr 


THEM: 2K-4K vs US: as low as $240- $300 (estimating 8-10 hrs materials not included

(Prices vary upon membership package selection)

Electrical Repairs

 Most homeowners spent between $160 - $507 on an electrical repair. With just pay for labor time plain and simple you pay as low as $29.99 /hr  so if the repair was  3 hrs you pay $90.  


THEM: $160-$500 vs US: as low as $90

(Prices vary upon membership package selection, materials not included)

 Since our Handymen are paid hourly they  focus on quality service rather than just finishing up to collect a fee. 

Property Inspections

The average home inspection costs around $315, Larger homes over 2,000 sq ft. will run $400 or more. A home inspection typically takes about 3 hours.  With us just pay for labor time plain and simple you pay as low as $29.99 /hr  


THEM: $400 vs US: $90

(Prices vary upon membership package selection)

About Us

About us

Hi I am Andres Perez (with my beautiful wife, Nairovi :), in 2001 I arrived to the U.S ready to join those who achieve their American dream. After years of working and saving my wife and I managed to purchase our first home. However, we soon realized that fixing our home the way we had dreamed would take more time than expected due to the high costs of repairs and remodeling. 

After over 16 years in the residential and commercial remodeling business my wife and I decided that we wanted to bring an affordable solution to Home/Business Owners and Churches and contribute to the American dream of other families in our community. is a Family & Community driven Company that provides an affordable alternative to fixing and maintaining your Home, Business or Church. Through our membership program you have access to unbeatable pricing. You control how much you spend and not a contractor.  Traditionally you hire a contractor who hires laborers or a Handyman, they both give you market prices, we save you up over 50% by giving you access to our team from just 29.99/hr. no matter what the job is.  

We are proud to serve Community Families, Local Businesses Churches, with HandyAndyHelper you have one less thing to worry about. is from, to and for families. 

We serve our Community by providing an affordable, predictable & consistent option to maintenance & repair needs. 

Why we're different

Traditionally you hire a contractor who hires laborers or a Handyman, they both give you market prices, we save you up over 50% by giving you access to our team from just 29.99/hr. no matter what the job is. 

We eliminate the concern and burden of unexpected costs for home and business improvement projects. 

By becoming a member of the HandyAndyHelper family you receive family pricing, you immediately get access to service and support for your projects from as low as $29.99 / hr. 

With many contributing families, you pay less.   At HandyAndyHelper we never say no to help. 

With family it's pretty simple, you ask and we deliver…  

Register and get 1hr FREE & a FREE service

When you register with us as a Family, Church or Local business, we prove our commitment to quality and affordability by providing you with:

1: A completely FREE service from our free service list


2:  Your 1st service hour completely FREE 


  1. Can I still receive service without being a member? Yes. 

However our low price system is reserved only for our members.

2. What is the difference in terms of project prices for members vs non-members?

Example of non-member vs member pricing:  

Maria is a member & John is not.

Both John and Maria would like to paint their bedroom.  

John pays the average cost  $448-$525 for interior room painting without materials. 

Maria Pays a HandyAndyHelper $29.99/hr for 8hr = $239.92 -  (5%discount) for using 8hrs 

Maria pays a total of =  $227.92  

Total Savings= >$220.08 = > 65% Saved

3. What is the time frame for a HandyAndyHelper to be scheduled? When you call we immediately begin our selection and scheduling of your HandyAndyHelper.  

Your HandyAndyHelper is usually scheduled for a visit within 2-3 business days of your call. 

4. Is my membership transferable?  No.  Memberships are non-transferable and represent one membership per location.

5. What happens if I relocate before my renewal period? If you relocate within service area you may continue to receive services from us.  If you relocate out of service area you may call to cancel  your membership we will offer the courtesy of exonerating you of up to 2 of your monthly installment payments.

6. What if I want to cancel my membership before the renewal period? Our Program works because of faithful contributing members, early terminations must pay a minimum of 80% of remaining membership balance.

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